Diary of a wimpy kid.

2010-05-05 05:54:26 by CrusoeAndChest

I dont know if this book is as popular as in Germany anywehere else, but recently I decided, that it could be a good thing to make a Flash movie of.

Cool Western Flash?

2010-04-19 10:40:32 by CrusoeAndChest

Just two or three days ago I found this very funny and good-looking flash-video with a cowboy. Maybe somebody can help me to retrieve it?

Sherlock Holmes finished

2010-04-18 06:46:10 by CrusoeAndChest

Yeah! Finally we were abled to finish the Sherlock Holmes-Project, so now I can sleep well again ;)

But I noticed ,we will need a better script next time. So if someone has got an idea what to do, just pm me and i will try to realize it.